mantra review

Fall 2018


In a Library of Roses

a ghost holds a rose of a forgotten color—

a petal for every saint who's ever sung
from the lip of a tiger.

It twirls the stem splattering tin music,
its vespers too holy for any seeker’s ear.

Knowledge is a deep well with a rickety bucket
secretly screeching: drink from within yourself

as history begs to leave life bleeding—

to let it stain the cracks of the looking glass
as the spine of each book it enters is bound
by the serpent ascending its own crooked spine.

It pockets the S’s, gnaws on our thorns—
gloves hands to break our planet into worth.

Jason Adam Sheets is a poet, writer, and researcher. His debut book, The Hour Wasp, was released by April Gloaming Publishing in 2017. Sheets's poems and writing have appeared in numerous journals and magazines. He received a BFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College in Vermont and currently lives in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

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