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Fall 2018


A Cave Woman Speaks About Art

Daughters like sparrows, come.
Bison thunders my eyes.
Bring me retch-leaf. My drum.
Bring me a snow blind thigh

bone. Bison storms through my eyes.
Ochre sings in his Cave,
mouth with no tongue. I cry,
tremble the grandmothers’ graves.

Ochre sings in his Cave.
Bison runs the dark wall,
haunches, horns, shoulder blade.
Ochre’s flame flays my dream skull.

Bison runs the dark wall,
roars Let me out let me in
let me out on the drum of my skull
in the meat of, the curve of the stone.

I sing: Breathe us out breathe us in.
Let the barren thigh bleed.
Quicken the stone.
Lift the birds of the dead.

Let the barren thigh bleed.
Let Bison’s bones drum.
Lift the wings of the dead.
Daughters like sparrows, come.

Laura Budofsky Wisniewski lives and writes in a small town in Vermont. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Hunger Mountain Review, Calyx, Blueline, Confrontation and other journals. She was a finalist for the 2017 New Millenium Literary Award, 2017 Fear No Lit Fellowship, and 2017 Paper Nautilus Chapbook competition. Her chapbook, How to Prepare Bear is forthcoming from Red Bird Chapbooks.

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