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Spring 2018


As I watched the horizon...

As I watched the horizon…
          Moby Dick
                              ate Ahab whole
          Ahab left a
                              hole in Jezebel
          And Jezebel fed
          Emptying it in a jar she
          Kept on countertop
                                    Next to the
                                            of an overflowing sink
          Down in the sand, we started to drown
                                            Are you people?
          We ought to pray for the sand on the bottom on the earth
          Under those things we call
                    oceans                     and                                   waving
          At every piece of
                                            coral and debris
          I want to be debris.
          I want to be a music box again.
          Made from the conch shells we call our house—
          When we die,
                    will the hermit crabs
                    call us home?

Lauren Dotson is a poet from Smithville, Arkansas. She is currently a student of English at the University of the Ozarks and is an editor of the campus literary magazine Falstaff.

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