mantra review

Spring 2018


praise memory

ocean that pulls           me under           again
& again           & again           praise that which does
not         let me drown     except in the ecstasy
of seeing         my hands         full
of all               i thought was                 forever lost
& did not       even know to                   look for

a new country at the hand of the colonizer is both

fertile           strip of land           & camel

& so he lets it           travel the length   & breath
of itself until                           it becomes barren

& this     (when he no longer     has use for it
or when   it no longer responds   to the cracking

of the whip)     will be the last straw   that'll break

its back   bone   & this will
be the inheritance   of its calves       amen

Ayokunle Falomo is a Nigerian, a poet who uses his pen as a shovel to unearth those things that make us human, a TEDx speaker, an American, and the author of kin.DREAD & of thread, this wordweaver must! He and his work have been featured in print (Local Houston magazine, Glass Mountain) and online (The New York Times, Houston Chronicle, Hive Society, Squawk Back, Pressure Gauge Press) publications. His work has also led to venues and stages around & outside of Texas. He enjoys walking & talking to himself (a lot) and sometimes, he is fortunate enough to have other people there to listen. You can find more information about him and his work at

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