mantra review

Spring 2018


In the Dark

Street noises volunteer the wider world. I hear women speaking quietly. A man curses twice in Thai and goes quiet. Love is here at all times whether light lands on it or not. Everything floats. Love: a long chain attached to—That breathing now. Thunder.

Robert Hilles won the Governor General’s Award for Poetry for Cantos From A Small Room and his novel, Raising of Voices, won George Bugnet Award. His second novel, A Gradual Ruin, was published by Doubleday Canada. His books have also been shortlisted and won numerous literary awards. He has published fifteen books of poetry, three works of fiction, and two nonfiction books. He is working on a short story collection called Little Pink Houses. His next poetry collection, Line, is forthcoming Spring 2018. He recently completed on a novel set in Thailand titled Don’t Hang Your Soul on That and is working on a new poetry book, One of Not Many and a second novel set in Thailand titled One True Note.

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