mantra review

Summer 2018


The Tandava

—which Shiva performs at the end of an age

Our world is ending now.
Those who expect
one massive explosion that
lifts them, saved, out of their
shoes and into the arms of
a hot muscled savior, do not
see it. I never thought the
end would be so constant,
so continuous, so utterly
devoid of finality. There is no
door to close on the courtroom
vortex while we rest down the hall.
The jury deliberates, but blood
shit and breath, the acting tribunal,
have exhaled the verdict for
now and all parties are bound.
I step outside in the rain,
watch the wheels of change
roll down the city street during
prime chaos hours, see
an addict dance between traffic,
recognize him as my own son,
blue-faced and covered in ash,
wave him down, cup his cold
wet cheeks in my hands, and
smiling at me, he whispers,
in the cycle, growth happens next.

Amy Baskin is interested in the juncture where despair and hope meet. Her work is currently featured in journals including armarolla, Friends Journal, Every Pigeon, and apt.

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