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Summer 2018


Fade Into

The water
                          first met the sky
                                      a thoughtful blue
                          then went mackerel
            through gun metal     to a bruised purple

And the thundercaps
            first bone
                          then ochre       then peach
            deepened to rust
                          heavied with lavender soot

And this is how I’ve always pictured you
            shades that fade into shades

And now the waves
                                      are powdered
            secret             and the sky goes slate
      and color
has left the water

And this is how I’ve always pictured me
                          when night comes
            and I fade into

Michael Getty is a writer who lives with his husband in St. Louis, Missouri. His work has appeared in publications such as THAT Literary Review, The Aurorean, Poetica, and Pidgeonholes.

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