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Summer 2018


Emptily the Blues Signify

Title inspired by Phillip B. Williams

an afterworld—

the sliver of dimension between death & dreams,
as if sleep is just a rehearsal for the real deal.


to the girl—

studying reincarnation: our bodies are suspended willow trees,
a collection of olive limbs stemming for the finish.


in the valley—

she can locate this storm of fullness with a compass,
the needle will magnify & spew the entrance to a vortex unheard.


a runaway—

she belongs there, coiling in the otherlife, an artifact of fantasy
underground, forecasting a shift in the earth’s ridges,


outside reality—

or bathing in the vapors leaking from the steep ledge of reality’s snare,
uncovering the decoys of love, the betrayal of time.


like a magnet—

she climbs in, descends, scales the interior & begins to fossilize,
her body hemmed into the twine threading the planes of waking.

Maeve Holler is from Shelton, Connecticut. She is an MFA student in poetry at the University of Miami and the Editor of WVUM 90.5 FM's zine, Mamey. She recently received her BA in English and Gender & Sexuality Studies from Tulane University in New Orleans. Maeve's poems have appeared in T.NY's The EEEL, Broad! Magazine, Lotus-Eater Magazine, and Tulane Review.

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