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Summer 2018


Harem of Dreams

Lapis dotted skies,
                        Sufis pluck stars from the heavens,
                                                                        and serenade date palms.
Jackals prowl gilded
                        Sands. By sunrise, they disperse
                                                                        like hookah smoke.
Kabob vendors croon
                        Namaaz to bazaar gullies,
                                                                        Opium oasis.
The chai blurs with beech
                        trees, a mosaic of brown.
                                                                        Please bury me here.
I am not your spittoon.
                        Do not fill me with the taste,
                                                                        The promise of you.
The lone goat herder,
                        lapping halwa like fine ale,
                                                                        craves the roll of sea.
When the sun spawns jinns
                        From petrel and poppy,
                                                                        noose the thread in looms.
Should Hope kiss your head,
                        and crown you king of wonders —
                                                                        Cease dreaming & seize dreams
                                                                                                                                      et. caesura
                                                                                                                                      et. plunder

Shreya Pabbaraju is a second-year student at Emory College of Arts and Sciences and enjoys photography and drinking tea in her spare time. Growing up in the wooded suburbs of Duluth, Georgia, a major inspiration for her poetry includes scenes in nature. Her poems have been featured in Shot Glass, Vayavya, Cosumnes River Journal, River River, The Bangalore Review, Defenestration, and will be featured in The Pointed Circle. Pabbaraju also writes weekly for the Emory student newspaper, The Wheel.

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